Cause Of Starving In Such Hives

I said one apartment would be filled with brood-combs; this will be

occupied, at least partially, with brood as long as the yield of honey

lasts; consequently, there will be but little room for storing here,

but the other side may be full throughout. The bees will take up their

winter quarters among the brood-combs. Now suppose the honey in this

apartment is all exhausted during a severe turn of cold weather, what

can the bees do? If one should leave the mass and go among the frosty

combs for a supply, its fate would be as certain as starvation. Without

frequent intervals of warm weather to melt all frost on the combs, and

allow the bees to go into the other apartment for honey, they _must_


The cost of construction is another objection to this hive, as the

labor bestowed on one is more than would finish two, that would be much


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