First Issues Generally Choose Fair Weather

First swarms are commonly more particular as to weather than after

swarms. They have several days from which to choose, after these royal

cells are ready, and before the queens are matured; and they usually

take a fair one. But here again are exceptions. I once had two first

swarms issue in a wind that kept every branch of tree and bush in

agitation to such a degree that it was impossible to find any such

place to cluster. I expected their return to the old hive; but here

were more exceptions. After repeating a fruitless attempt at the

branches, they gave it up, and came down amongst the grass on "terra

firma." This occurred after several days of rainy weather. The next day

being pleasant, twelve issued; almost proving that the wind the

preceding day kept back a part. I also knew one to issue in a shower,

that beat many of them to the ground before they could cluster. In this

case the shower was sudden, the sun shone almost up to the time it

began to rain. About this time the swarm started when it seemed they

were unwilling to turn about.

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