Freezing Destroys Worms Cocoon And Moth

It is pretty well demonstrated that the moth, its eggs, larvae and

chrysalis cannot pass the winter without warmth of some kind to prevent

their freezing to death. The following facts indicate this. I have

taken all the bees out of a hive in the fall, and without disturbing

the comb or honey, put it in a cold chamber where it could freeze

thoroughly. In the following March bees were again introduced, and when

not on a bench with some other stock that had worms, not a single

instance in forty cases has ever produced a worm before the middle of

June, or until the eggs of some moth matured in another hive has had

time to hatch. I have sometimes, instead of putting bees in these in

March, kept them till June for swarms, perfectly free from any

appearance of worms!

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