Glass Boxes Preferred

Having told how I make a hive, I will now give some reasons for

preferring a particular kind of boxes. I have taken great quantities of

honey to market, put up in every style, such as tumblers, glass jars,

glass boxes, wooden boxes with glass ends, and boxes all wood. I have

found the square glass boxes the most profitable; the honey in such

appears to the best possible advantage, so much so, that the majority

of purchasers prefer paying for the box at the same rate as the honey,

than the wood box, and have the tare allowed. This rate of selling

boxes always pays the cost, while we get nothing for the wood. Another

advantage in this kind of boxes is, while being filled, the progress

can be watched, and the time they are finished known precisely, when

they should be taken off, as every day they remain after that, soils

the purity of the combs.

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