Indications Of Robbers

We will now notice the appearance about a weak hive that makes no

resistance, and show the result to be a total loss of the stock,

without timely interference. Each robber, when leaving the hive,

instead of flying in a direct line to its home, will turn its head

towards the hive to mark the spot, that it may know where to return for

another load, in the same manner that they do when leaving their hive

in the spring. The first time the young bees leave home, they mark

their location, by the same process. A few of these begin to hatch from

the cells very early; in all good stocks, often before the weather is

warm enough for _any to leave the hive_. Consequently, it cannot be too

early for them at any time in spring. These young bees, about the

middle of each fair day, or a little later, take a turn of flying out

very thickly for a short time. The inexperienced observer would be very

likely to suppose such stock very prosperous, from the number of

inhabitants in motion. This unusual bustle is the first indication of

foul play, and should be regarded with suspicion; yet it is not


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