Instincts Of The Bee Always The Same

Let us fully understand that the nature of the bee, when viewed under

any condition, climate, or circumstance, is the same. Instincts first

implanted by the hand of the Creator, have passed through millions of

generations, unimpaired, to the present day, and will continue

unchanged through all future time, till the last bee passes from the

earth. We may, we have, to gratify acquisitiveness, forced them to

labor under every disadvantage; yes, we have compelled them to

sacrifice their industry, prosperity, and even their lives have been

yielded, but never their instincts. We may destroy life, but cannot

improve or take from their nature. The laws that govern them are fixed

and immutable as the Universe.

Spring returns to its annual task; dissolves the frost, warms into life

nature's dormant powers. Flowers with a smile of joy, expand their

delicate petals in grateful thanks, while the stamens sustain upon

their tapering points the anthers covered with the fertilizing pollen,

and the pistil springs from a cup of liquid nectar, imparting to each

passing breeze delicious fragrance, inviting the bee as with a thousand

tongues to the sumptuous banquet. She does not need an artificial

stimulus from man, as an inducement to partake of the feast; without

his aid or assistance she visits each wasting cup of sweetness, and

secures the tiny drop, while the superabundant farina, dislodged from

the nodding anthers, covers her body, to be brushed together and

kneaded into bread. All she requires at the hands of man, is a suitable

storehouse for her treasures. In good seasons, her nature Will prompt

the gathering for her own use an over supply. This surplus man may

appropriate to his own use, without detriment to his bees, providing

his management is in accordance with their nature.

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