Jars And Tumblers How Prepared

When jars, tumblers, or other vessels, that are all glass, are used, it

is _absolutely necessary_ to fasten as many pieces of combs as you wish

made, in the top, for a beginning, or fasten a piece of wood there; as

they seldom commence building on glass, without a start.

Some of you may have seen paraded at our fairs, or in the public parts

of some of our cities, hives containing tumblers, some of them neatly

filled, others empty, and this meagre sentence written upon them, _not

to be filled_! Pretending to govern the bees, as the juggler sometimes

does his tricks, by mysterious incantations! I once encountered an

agent of this humbug, and modestly suggested to him that I had a

counter charm: that I could put a tumbler on his hive and it would be

filled if the others were, however much he might forbid it by written

charms! He saw at a glance how the matter stood; I was not the customer

he wanted, and intimated that the show was only intended for the

extreme verdancy of most visitors. It no doubt assisted in displaying

his profound knowledge in bee management, which he wished to establish,

as he had a little work on the subject to sell, also hives, and bees.

The reader no doubt will guess as I did, the reason that those tumblers

were not filled, was because no combs were put in for a start.

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