Manner Of Stowing Away Bees

Shelves to receive the hives were arranged in tiers one above the

other; they were loose, to be taken down and put up at pleasure.

Suppose we begin at the back end: the first row is turned directly on

the floor, a shelf is then put across a few inches above them, and

filled, and then another shelf, still above, when we again begin on the

floor, and continue thus till the room is full; or if the room is not

to be filled, the shelves may be fixed around the sides of the room in

two or three courses. This last arrangement will make it very

convenient to inspect them at any time through the winter, yet they

should be disturbed as little as possible. The manner of stowing each

one is to open the holes in the top, then lay down two square sticks,

such as are made by splitting a board, of suitable length, into pieces

about an inch wide. The hive is inverted on these; it gives a free

circulation through the hive, and carries off all the moisture as fast

as generated.

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