Means Of Arresting A Swarm

I have had three swarms that were exceptions to general rules, giving

me some trouble by swarming out after being hived; the third and fourth

time they left, I threw water among them, causing quite a shower; when

my pail-full was out, I used earth; they went but a short distance, and

clustered in the usual way. Now were these bees intending to leave, and

had their designs frustrated by the water and earth? I am not quite as

sure as the old lady, who _knew_ that "drumming on a tin-pan did good,"

but I am inclined to think it had some effect. I have heard of several

instances where swarms were apparently stopped, by having earth thrown

among them, while passing over a field where men were at work. We know

they dislike being wet, as we see them hastening home on the approach

of a shower; or we can at any time drive them in the hive by sprinkling

them with water. Throwing water in the swarm is a kind of imitation

shower, and earth is something like it. Whether useful or not, these

swarms leaving the hive was rather suspicious, and I should try it

again under similar circumstances.

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