Means Of Understanding It

This is another case of "when doctors disagree, who shall decide?" You,

reader, are just the person. There is no need of a doctor at all in

this matter. I will endeavor to give a test for most of my assertions.

To make this subject as plain as possible in this place, I may repeat

some things said before. The facts related have come under my own

observation. I have probably taken more pains than most bee-keepers, to

understand this matter to the bottom _from the beginning_, (I mean the

bottom of the cells). But few apiarians have made the number of

examinations that I have to get at the _modus operandi_ of swarming.

Perhaps I ought not to expect full credit for veracity, when I assure

the reader that I have inverted more than one hundred stocks to get a

peep at the royal cells, some of them near a dozen times in one summer.

I have inverted them frequently for the purpose of obtaining cells. But

generally to see when such cells are being made, when they contain

eggs, when these eggs are sufficiently matured for swarming, or

abandoned and destroyed, &c.

By these signs I predict with certainty (almost) when to expect swarms,

and when to cease looking for them.

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