Natural And Artificial Swarms Equally Prosperous

I can see no difference in artificial or natural swarms of equal size,

at the same time. By taking the matter in time into our own hands, with

the rules given, we make a sure thing of it, that is, we are sure to

get the swarms, when if left to the bees it would be uncertain, and no

greater risk afterwards than with natural issues.


I am aware that this matter will be apt to be put off too long; "wait

and see if they don't swarm," will be the motto of too many, and when

the season is over, drive them. Perhaps a good swarm has set outside

the hive, all through the best of the honey season, and done nothing,

while they could have half filled a hive; but this is all lost now, as

well as the best chances for getting cells. Let me impress the

necessity of doing it in season, when it will pay. If you intend to

have a swarm from every stock that can spare one, begin when nature

points out the proper time, which is, when the regular ones begin to

issue. It must, indeed, be a poor season when there are none.

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