Not Properly Understood

A person keeping many hives must expect to be accountable for all

losses in his neighborhood, whether they are lost by mismanagement or

want of management. Many people suppose, if one person has but one

stock, and another has ten, that the ten will combine for plundering

the one. There are no facts, showing any communication between

different families of the same apiary, that I can discover. It is true,

when one family finds another weak and defenceless, possessing

treasure, they have no conscientious scruples about carrying off the

last particle. The hurry and bustle attending it seldom escape the

notice of the other families; and when one hive has been robbed in an

apiary, perhaps two-thirds of the other families, sometimes all, have

participated in the plunder. One family, if it be large, is just as

likely, and more so, to find a weak one among the ten, and commence

plundering, as the other way.

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