Old Queen Leaves With The First Swarm

The old queen leaves with the first swarm; as soon as cells are ready

in the new hive she will deposit her eggs in them, at first for

workers; the number perfected will correspond with the supply of honey

and size of the swarm. When the supply fails before leaving the old

stock, she remains _there_, and continues laying throughout the season;

but the bees matured after the 20th of July (in this section) are not

more than sufficient to keep the number good. As many die, or are lost

during their excursions, as the young ones will replace; in fact, they

often lose rather than gain; so that by the next spring, a hive that

has cast no swarm, is no better for a stock than one from which a swarm

has issued. We are apt to be deceived by bees clustering outside,

towards the latter end of the season, and suppose it hardly possible

for them all to get in, when it may be caused by hot weather, full

stores, &c.

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