Rough Treatment Of The Young Bee

Now, if you expect to see anything of this, you must watch a little

closer than I have. I have seen hundreds when biting their way out.

Instead of care or notice, they often receive rather rough treatment:

the workers, intent on other matters, will sometimes come in contact

with one part way out the cell, with force sufficient to almost

dislocate its neck; yet they do not stop to see if any harm is done, or

beg pardon. The little sufferer, after this rude lesson, scrambles back

as soon as possible out of the way; enlarges the prison door a little,

and attempts again, with perhaps the same success: a dozen trials are

often made before they succeed. When it does actually leave, it seems

like a stranger in a multitude, with no friend to counsel, or mother to

direct. It wanders about uncared for and unheeded, and rarely finds one

sufficiently benevolent to bestow even the necessaries of life; but

does sometimes. It is _generally_ forced to learn the important lesson

of looking out for itself, the day it leaves the cradle. A cell

containing honey is sought for, where its immediate wants are all


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