Rule In Taking Bees For A Share

The rule generally adopted for taking bees is this. One or more stocks

are taken for a term of years, the person taking them finding hives,

boxes, and bestowing whatsoever care is necessary, and returning the

old stocks to the owner with half the increase and profits.


There are yet a few persons who refuse to sell a stock of bees, because

it is "bad luck." There is often some grounds for this notion. It might

arise under the following circumstances. Suppose a person has a half

dozen hives, three extra good, the others of the opposite extreme. He

sells for the sake of the better price his three best; there is but

little doubt but his best "luck" would go too! But should his poorest

be taken, the result would be different, without doubt.

But there are cases where an apiarian has more stocks than he wishes to

keep. (It has been the case with myself frequently.) Persons wishing to

sell, are the proper ones of which to buy. Purchasers seldom want any

but first-rate stocks, they are generally cheapest in the end. There is

usually a difference of about a dollar in the spring and fall prices,

and five and six dollars are common charges. I have known them sell at

auction at eight, but in some sections they are less.

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