Section Of Country May Make A Difference In What Poor Stocks Need

The kind of requisite to be supplied to our deficient stocks, will

probably depend on the section of country. Where the principal source

is clover and basswood, it will fail partially, at least, before the

end of warm weather.

Some poor or medium stocks will continue to rear brood too extensively

for their means, and exhaust their winter stores in consequence; such

will need a supply of honey. But where great quantities of buckwheat

are sown, cold weather follows almost immediately after this yield, and

stops the breeding. Consequently a scarcity of bees is more frequent

than honey. There are exceptions, of course; I am speaking of these

cases generally. My experience has mostly been in a section where this

crop is raised, and will say that there is not more than one season in

ten, but that the honey will be in proportion with the bees the first

of September; that is, if there are bees enough, there will be honey


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