Some Wax Wasted

When constructing comb, they are constantly wasting wax, either

accidentally or voluntarily. The next morning after a swarm is located,

the scales may be found, and will continue to increase as long as they

are working it; the quantity often amounts to a handful or more. It is

the best test of comb-making that I can give. Clean off the board and

look the next morning, you will find the scales in proportion to their

progress. Some will be nearly round as at first; others more or less

worked up, and a part will be like fine saw-dust.

Huber and some others have divided the working bees into different

classes, denominating some wax-workers, others nurses, and pollen

gatherers, &c. It may be partially true, but how it was found out is

the mystery.

The angles in the cells used for brood, are gradually filled, and after

a time become round, both at the ends and sides.

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