Success In This Matter

The following suggestion then came to my relief. If this hive was

bottom up, what would prevent all this vapor as it arises from the bees

from passing off? (It always rises when warm, if permitted.) The hive

was inverted; in a few hours the glass was dry.

This was so perfectly simple, that I wondered I had not thought of it

before, and wondered still more that some one of the many intelligent

apiarians had never discovered it. I immediately inverted every hive in

the room, and kept them in this way till spring; when the combs were

perfectly bright, not a particle of mould to be seen, and was well

satisfied with the result of my experiment. Although I was fearful that

more bees would leave the hives when inverted, than if right side up,

yet the result showed no difference. I had now tried both methods, and

had some means of judging.

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