Swarms Partly Filled Pay Better Than To Cut Out The Honey

Any person wishing to increase his stocks to the utmost, will find this

plan of saving all part-filled hives, of much more advantage than to

break it out for sale. Suppose you have an old stock that needs

pruning, and have neglected it, or it has refused to swarm, and give

you a chance without destroying too much brood. You can let it be, and

put on the boxes; perhaps get twenty-five pounds of cap honey; and then

winter the bees as described, and in the spring transfer them to the

new combs. Again, if there is no stocks to be transferred in the

spring, keep them till the swarming season. If a swarm put into an

empty hive would just fill it, the same swarm put into one containing

fifteen pounds of honey, it seems plain, would make that number of

pounds in boxes. The advantage is, in the comparative value of box or

cap honey over that stored in the hive; the difference being from

thirty to a hundred per cent.

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