Remedies And Strengthening Medicines

Aconite, 1^{x} tincture. Arsenicum, 2^{x} trituration.

Antimonium tartaricum, 2^{x} trituration. Belladonna, 3^{x}

trituration. Mercurius biniodatus, 3^{x} trituration.

Hydrastis canadensis, [Greek: phi] tincture. Sulphur, 2^{x}

trituration. Santonine.

Mr. Frank Upjohn, of Castelnau, Barnes, has also kindly forwarded me his

treatment of some few of the cat ailments. Mindful of the old proverb

that "In a multitude of counsellors there is wisdom," I place all before

my friends, and those of the cat, that they may select which remedy they

deem best:

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