The Boston Terrier Cluban Early Standard

The following standard adopted when the dog was known as the Round-Headed

Bull and Terrier Dog, will be of interest here.

Skull--Large, broad and flat.

Stop--Well defined.

Ears--Preferably cut, if left on should be small and thin,

situated as near corners of skull as possible; rose ears


Eyes--Wide apart, large, round, dark and soft and not goggle


Muzzle--Short, round and deep, without wrinkles, nose should be

black and wide.

Mouth--Preferably even, teeth should be covered when mouth is


Neck--Thick, clean and strong.

Body--Deep at chest and well ribbed up, making a short backed,

cobby built dog; loins and buttocks strong.

Legs--Straight and well muscled.

Feet--Strong, small and moderately round.

Tail--Short and fine, straight or screw, carried low.

Color--Any color, except black, mouse or liver; brindle and white,

brindle or whole white are the colors most preferred.

Coat--Short, fine, bright and hard.

Symmetry--Of a high order.

Disqualifications--Hair lip, docked tail and any artificial means

used to deceive the judge.

Weight--It was voted to divide the different weights into three

classes, as follows: 15 pounds and under, 25 pounds and under, 36

pounds and under.

Scale of points:

Skull 15

Muzzle 15

Nose 5

Eyes 5

Ears 5

Neck 5

Body 10

Legs and Feet 10

Tail 10

Color and Coat 10

Symmetry 10


Total 100

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