Every dog owner must annually take out a licence for each dog he

keeps. The licence, which is obtainable at all post-offices at the

cost of 7s. 6d., is dated to run from the hour it is taken out until

the following 31st December. The person in whose custody or upon whose

premises the dog is found will be deemed its owner until proved


The owners of certain dogs for certain purposes are, however, exempted

from taking out licences, viz.: (1) Dogs under the age of six months;

(2) hounds under twelve months old neither used nor hunted with the

pack, provided that the Master has taken out proper licences for all

hounds entered in the pack; (3) one dog kept and used by a blind

person solely for his or her guidance; (4) dogs kept and used solely

for the purpose of tending sheep or cattle or in the exercise of the

occupation or calling of a shepherd.

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