Distemper In Colts

This disease is peculiar to young mules. Its symptoms develop with

soreness and swelling of the glands of the throat, a cough, difficulty

of swallowing, discharging at the nostrils, and general prostration. If

not properly treated it is surely fatal.

TREATMENT:--Give light bran mashes, plenty of common salt, and keep the

animal in a warm and dry stable. You need not clothe, for the mule,

unlike the horse, is not used to clothing. If the swelling under the

throat shows a disposition to ulcerate, which it generally does, do

nothing to prevent it. Encourage the ulcer, and let it come to a head

gradually, for this is the easiest and most natural way that the

trouble, which at first seems to pervade the whole system, can be got

rid of. When the ulcer appears soft enough to lance, do so, and be

careful to avoid the glands and veins. Lance through the skin in the

soft spot, which appears almost ready to break. If the throat is at any

time so swollen as to render swallowing difficult, give water

frequently, about milk warm, with nourishing feed of oats, corn, or rye

meal--the last is the best. If this treatment, which is very simple, be

carefully carried out, few animals will fail to recover.

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