This is a disease the mule more than all other animals is subject to.

This is more particularly so with those brought into the service of the

Government unbroken.

It will be very easily seen that the necessary course of training,

halter-breaking, &c., will expose them to many of the causes of this

disease. Aside from this, the inhuman treatment of teamsters, and others

who have charge of them, frequently produces it in its worst form. It

begins with an ulcer or sore at the junction where the head and neck

join; and from its position, more than any other cause, is very

difficult to heal. The first thing to be done, when the swelling

appears, is to use hot fomentations. If these are not at hand, use cold

water frequently. Keep the bridle and halter from the parts. In case

inflammation cannot be abated, and ulceration takes place, the only

means to effect a cure, with safety and certainty, is by the use of the

seton. This should be applied only by a hand well skilled in the use of

it. The person should also well understand the anatomy of the parts, as

injuries committed with the seton-needle, in those parts, are often more

serious and more difficult of cure than the disease caused by the first


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