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Too Much Honey May Sometimes Be Stored

Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

After the flowers fail, and all the brood has matured and left the

combs, it sometimes happens that a stock has an opportunity of

plundering, and rapidly filling all those cells that had been occupied

with brood during the yield of honey, and which then effectually

prevents their storing in them. This, then, prevents close packing,

which is all-important for warmth. Although a large family, as much

care is needed as wi
h the smaller ones. Also such as are affected with

diseased brood should receive extra attention for the same reason.

Some bee-keepers are unwilling to risk the bold measure of inverting

the hive, but content themselves by merely opening the holes in the

top; this is better than no ventilation, but not so effectual, as all

of the moisture cannot escape. There are some who cannot divest

themselves of the idea, that if the hive is turned over, the bees must

also stand on their heads all winter!

Rats and mice, when they find their way into such room, are less bold

with their mischief than if the hive is in its natural position.