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Use Of Tobacco Smoke

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Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

"I would not do it for fifty dollars, the bees would sting me to

death." Stop a moment, if you never tried the efficacy of tobacco

smoke, you know nothing of a powerful agent; this is the grand secret

of success; without it, I admit it would be somewhat hazardous; but

with it, I have done it time after time without receiving a single

sting, and no protection whatever, for either hands or face.

But is ther
no difficulty with our sectional or changeable hive, when

this feat is to be performed? The combs will be made in the two drawers

similar to the dividing hive, brood-combs in one side, and store-combs

in the other. We wish to remove the one with brood-combs of course, (as

that is the one where the combs are thick and bad, &c.) Where will the

queen be? With the brood-comb, where her duty is most likely to be;

well, this is the one we want, and we take it out. How is she to get

back? She must go back, or we have three chances in four of losing the

stock; but her majesty will remain perfectly easy, as well as some of

the workers, wherever you put the drawer.