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Utility Of Bee-houses Doubted

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Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

I have used bee-houses, but they will not pay, and are also discarded.

They are objectionable on account of preventing a free circulation of

air; also, it is difficult to construct them, so that the sun may

strike the hives both in the morning and afternoon; which in spring is

very essential. If they front the south, the middle of the day is the

only time when the sun can reach all the hives at once; this is just

when they need it least; and in hot weather, sometimes injurious by

melting the combs. But when the hives stand far enough apart, on my

plan, it is very easily arranged to have the sun strike the hive in the

morning and afternoon, and shaded from ten o'clock, till two or three,

in hot weather.

Notwithstanding our prodigality in building a splendid bee-house, we

think of economy when we come to put our hives in, and get them _too

close_. "Can't afford to build a house, and give them so much room, no