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Utility Of Moth-proof Hives Doubted

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Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

As for moth-proof hives, I have but little to say, as I have not the

least faith in one of them. When I come to speak of that insect, I will

show, I think, conclusively, that no place where bees are allowed to

enter is safe from them.

Several other _perfect hives_ might be mentioned; yet I believe that I

have noticed the principles of each. Have I not said enough? Such as

are not satisfied now would not be if I filled a volume. Our view of

things is the result of a thousand various causes; the most powerful is

interest, or prejudice.

It is said that in Europe, the same ingenuity is displayed in twisting

and torturing the bee, to adapt her natural instinct to unnatural

tenements; tenements invented not because the bee needs them, but

because this is a means available for a little change. "Patent men"

have found the people generally too ignorant of apiarian science. But

let us hope that their days of prosperity in this line are about