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Selling And Shipping

Guinea Pigs are in such wide demand that it is not a hard matter to sell

them if you let people know you have them. There are dealers in various

sections of the country that buy in wholesale lots but the prices

obtained are usually not so high as if you find your own customers and

develop your own trade.

The hospitals, medical colleges, agricultural schools, veterinary

colleges, laboratories, pet stores,
tc., are the heaviest users. You

can get in touch with them by writing them and telling them you have

Guinea Pigs for sale. The names of the hospitals and medical colleges

can be gotten from any doctor and you, of course, know your own state

University and Agricultural College.

Prices obtained for stock for experimental purposes are not as high as

when they are sold for pets and breeding purposes. You can build up a

good mail order business by putting a small classified advertisement in

the poultry and pet stock columns in the Sunday issue of some large city

newspaper near you. A classified ad in some of the poultry papers or

farm papers in your state will usually find you good customers.

In shipping to hospitals and laboratories always send your males first

and keep the females as when selling breeding stock you always have

calls for more females than males.

The prices you get, of course depend on circumstances. 50c is a fair

price for the general run of stock for experimental purposes. For pets

and breeding purposes you should get from $1.50 per pair and up. Prices

depend on supply and demand. $1.00 for females and 50c for males enable

you to make a good profit with them.

For experimental purposes they are usually sold by weight and are

salable from 9 ounces and up or when they are around six weeks old.


Guinea Pigs ship very easily. They go by express. Use a light but strong

box; in the summer have plenty of ventilation. Wire netting on the top

or sides of the box is good but slats and holes in the sides will do.

In the winter not so much ventilation is needed.

For food use plenty of hay together with some green food or carrots,

beets, etc. No water is necessary. Do not ship out during a real cold

spell in winter or a real hot spell in summer.

Do not have your box larger than necessary as it means added weight and

at the same time do not have it so small that they are crowded all over

each other.