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Some Of Our Benefactors And Their Inventions

Bee keeping as a source of revenue dates far back in ancient
history. With the advent of the movable frame hive and the
increased demand for honey all over the world as a source of food
supply, it received a new impetus and there are many bee keepers in
this and other countries who are not only making an honest living
in the pursuit, but have become wealthy as well.

Over half a century ago, Rev. L. L. Langstroth invented the movable
frame hive and became the benefactor of the bee-keeping fraternity.
Prior to this time there was no way of telling the condition of a
bee except what could be learned from an external diagnosis. If
from their actions we were led to believe the colony was diseased,
or that the bee moth was holding sway, there was no way by which we
could remedy the evil. But this invention gives us access at all
times to the brood chamber and we are able to see just what is
wrong and apply the proper remedy. Perhaps it is fair to add that
all bee keepers do not agree that the movable frame was invented by
Father Langstroth. This honor is conceded by many to belong to
Huber or Dzierzon, German bee keepers. Be this as it may, the
movable frame hive of today, used throughout America and many
foreign countries, is the product of the inventive genius of this
great benefactor of the bee-keeping fraternity.

The invention of many accessories since the death of Father
Langstroth, many years ago, would almost make us believe that there
is nothing further to be desired, that perfection has been reached.
But well we know that perfection cannot be reached on this earth,
and so we will look forward, knowing as time goes on that other
great minds will add to the store of knowledge now possessed by the
bee keeper, and bee keeping of the future will be as far in advance
of the present as the present is of the past.

With the help of appliances and the instruction given by able
writers in many magazines and bee papers anyone with a fair amount
of ability should be able to make a success at this vocation. There
are many men who, while they have proved to be benefactors to us,
have at the same time become wealthy. There are many instances of
this, but I will mention The A. I. Root Co., of Medina, O. A. I.
Root, the senior member of this firm, was an apiarist of note while
I was still a little boy. After a while he began the manufacture of
hives and appliances. He invented the pound section box, the
extractor and many other accessories that could not be dispensed
with at the present day. Many of his inventions were never
patented, thus saving that cost to those whom he wished to
befriend, and by honest dealing, selling the best of everything
needed by the apiarist at the lowest possible cost consistent
with superior workmanship, he has today, the most extensive
manufacturing establishment in America, and possibly the world. In
connection, the firm publishes, "Gleanings in Bee Culture," a
monthly magazine, devoted to the interest of bee keeping. The
ablest writers, men who have made this their life work, contribute
regularly and give us advice which, if followed will lead to

Therefore, when the bee history is completed, and the names of many
who have been our benefactors are recorded, the names of L. L.
Langstroth and A. I. Root will shine with lustre.

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