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It goes without saying that any place is not

The Boston Terrier Cluban Early Standard
The following standard adopted when the dog w

Technical Terms Used In Relation To The Boston Terrier And Their Meaning
A Crackerjack--A first class, typical dog

Breeding For Good Disposition
This, to my mind, is the most important featu

Every person who has bred Bostons for any len

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The Boston Terrier Club The Revised Boston Terrier Standard
The present Boston terrier standard was adopted

Picture Taking
It would seem at the first glance that to wri

The Boston Terrier Clubits History Constitution By-laws And Official Standard
In 1890 a club was formed in Boston by a comp

Rearing Of Puppies
Assuming that the bitch has successfully whel

Breeding For A Vigorous Constitution
I think there never was a time in the history

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