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The Boston Terrier Club By-laws



SECTION 1. President.--The president shall discharge the usual
duties of his office, preside at all meetings of the Club and of
the executive committee, call special meetings of the Club, or
of the executive committee, and enforce the provisions of the
Constitution and By-Laws of the Club. He may vote on amendments
to the Constitution or alteration of the By-Laws and Standard or
Scale of Points, on the expulsion or suspension of a member, and
on election of officers and judges. But on all other matters he
shall vote only in case of tie and then give the deciding vote.

SEC. 2. Vice-President.--The vice-president shall discharge all
the duties of the president in the latter's absence.

SEC. 3. Secretary.--The secretary shall have charge of all
official correspondence, keep copies of all letters sent by him,
and file such as he may receive, and correspond at the request
of the president or executive committee on all matters
appertaining to the object of the Club. He shall keep a roll of
the members of the Club with their addresses.

He shall be exempt from payment of annual dues.

SEC. 4. Treasurer.--The treasurer shall collect and receive all
moneys due the Club and keep a correct account of the same. He
shall pay all orders drawn on him by the executive committee out
of the funds of the Club, when countersigned by the president,
and present a report of the condition of affairs in his
department at the request of the executive committee or
president, and at the annual meeting. The treasurer shall
furnish a bond satisfactory to the executive committee.

SEC. 5. Committees.--The executive committee shall make all
purchases ordered by the Club, audit the accounts of the
treasurer and report the same at the annual election in
December, and transact all business not otherwise provided for.

It shall have the power to appoint sub-committees for any
special purpose, and to delegate to each sub-committee the
powers and functions of the committee relating thereto.

The president shall be the chairman of the executive committee.

SEC. 6. Sub-Committees.--The standing sub-committees shall be a
membership committee of five and a pedigree committee of three.

The membership committee shall investigate the standing of all
applicants, and report to the Club for action those names it
considers as desirable members.

The pedigree committee shall investigate the pedigrees of those
dogs offered for registration in the Boston Terrier Stud Book.

The chairman of the pedigree committee shall have the custody of
the Club stud book, and shall enter in the same the
registrations allowed by the B. T. C.



The executive committee shall have the power to discipline by
suspension a member found guilty of conduct prejudicial to the
best interests of the Club. All charges against a member must be
made in writing and filed with the executive committee, and no
member shall be suspended without an opportunity to be heard in
his own defense. When the expulsion of a member is considered
advisable, the report of the committee shall be presented to the
Club, whose action shall be final.



SECTION 1. The entrance fee shall be five dollars, which must
accompany the application for membership.

SEC. 2. The annual dues shall be ten dollars, payable upon
notice of election and at each annual meeting thereafter.



SECTION 1. There shall be elected by ballot each year at the
annual meeting a corps of not more than fifteen judges, a list
of whose names shall be sent to bench show committees with a
request that the judge of Boston terriers at their approaching
shows be selected from said list.

SEC. 2. The Club judges may exhibit, but shall not compete at or
be interested directly or indirectly in the show at which they



This Constitution and these By-Laws, and the Standard and Scale
of Points may be amended or altered by a two-thirds vote at any
regular meeting or special meeting called for that purpose.

Notice of proposed change having been given to all members at
least ten days previous to said meeting.

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