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Time For Setting Out Bees


The time for carrying out bees is generally in March, but some seasons
later. A warm pleasant day is the best, and one quite cold, better than
one only _moderately_ warm.

After their long confinement, the light attracts them out at once,
(unless very cold air prevents), and if the rays of a warm sun do not
keep them active, they will soon be chilled and lost.

Some bee-keepers take out their stocks at evening. If we could be
always sure of having the next day a fair one, it would probably be the
best time; but should it be only moderate, or cloudy, it would be
attended with considerable loss--or if the next day should be quite
cold, but few would leave, and then the only risk would be to get _a
good day_, before one that was just warm enough to make them leave the
hive, but not quite enough to enable them to return.

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