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The Law On Cat Killing

An "Articled Clerk," writing to The Standard with regard to the

illegality of killing cats, states: "It is clearly laid down in 'Addison

on Torts,' that a person is not justified in killing his neighbour's

cat, or dog, which he finds on his land, unless the animal is in the act

of doing some injurious act which can only be prevented by its


"And it has been decided by the case of 'Townsend v. Watken' 9 last 277,

that if a person sets on his lands a trap for foxes, and baits it with

such strong-smelling meat as to attract his neighbour's dog or cat on to

his land, to the trap, and such animal is thereby killed or injured, he

is liable for the act, though he had no intention of doing it, and

though the animal ought not to have been on his land."