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By Gaining One Point Produce Another Evil

Category: HIVES.

I think it will be an easy matter to show that every departure from
simplicity to gain _one_ point, is attended in another by a
correspondent evil, that often exceeds the advantage gained. That we
have made vast improvements in art and science, and in every department
of human affairs, no one will deny; consequently, it is assumed we must
correspondingly improve in a bee-hive; forgetting that nature has fixed
limits to the instinct of the bee, beyond which she will not go!

It will be necessary to point out the advantages and objections to
these pretended improvements, and then we will see if we cannot avoid
the objections, _and retain the advantages, without the expense_, by a
simple addition to the common hive; because if we expect to encourage
bee-keeping, they must have better success than a neighbor of mine, who
expended fifty dollars for bees and a patent, and lost all in three
years! Most bee-keepers are farmers; very few are engineers sufficient
to work them successfully. I would say to all such as do not understand
the nature of bees, adhere to simplicity until you do, and then I am
quite sure you will have no desire for a change.

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