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Changing Stand Attended With Loss

Category: THE APIARY.

After a few excursions, when surrounding objects have become familiar,
this precaution is not taken, and they leave in a direct line for their
destination, and return by their way-marks without difficulty. Man with
his reason is guided on the same principles. There are a great many
people who suppose the bee knows its hive by a kind of instinct, or is
attracted towards it, like the steel to the magnet. At least, they act
as if they did; as they often move their bees a few rods, or feet,
after the location is thus marked, and what is the consequence? The
stocks are materially injured by loss of bees, and sometimes entirely
ruined. Let us trace the cause. As I remarked, the bees have marked the
location. They leave the hive without any precaution, as surrounding
objects are familiar. They return to their old stand and find no home.
If there is more than one stock, and the removal has been from four to
twenty feet, some of the bees may find a hive, but just as liable to
enter the wrong one as the right. Probably they would not go over
twenty feet, and very likely not that, unless the new situation was
very conspicuous. If a person had but one stock, very likely the loss
would be less, as every bee finding a hive, would be sure to be home,
and none killed, as is generally the case when a few enter a strange

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