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When They Cannot Be Shaken Off

Category: SWARMING.

Swarms will sometimes get in places where it is impossible to jar them
off, or cut off a branch, such as the trunk of a tree, or a large limb
near it. In which case place the hive near, as first directed; take a
large tin dipper, a vessel most convenient for the purpose, and dip it
full of bees; with one hand turn back the hive; with the other throw
the bees into it; some of them will discover that a home is provided,
and set up the call for the rest, (by the vibration of their wings),
and the remainder may be emptied in front of the hive as you dip them
off. I have known a few instances when the first dipper full all ran
out, and joined the others without making the discovery that they were
in a hive, but this is seldom the case. When you get the queen in,
there is no trouble with the remainder, even if there are many left; as
soon as they ascertain that the queen is no longer among them, it may
be known by their uneasy movements, and they will soon leave, and join
those in the hive; but if the queen is yet on the tree, and but a dozen
with her, they will leave the hive and cluster again.

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