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Usual Method

Category: SWARMING.

Cut off the branch with the bees, if it can be done as well as not, and
shake it in front of the hive, a portion will discover it, and will at
once commence a vibration of their wings; this, I suppose, is a call
for the others. A knowledge of a new home being found seems to be
communicated in this way, as it is kept up until all are in. A great
many are apt to stop about the entrance, thereby nearly or quite
closing it, and preventing others going in, when they will gather on
the outside. You can expedite the matter with a stick or quill, by
gently pushing them away; and another portion will enter. When gentle
means will not induce them to go in, in a reasonable time, and they
appear obstinate, a little water sprinkled on them will facilitate
operations greatly, when nothing else will. (Be careful and not over-do
the matter, by using too much water, they can be so wet as not to move
at all.)

When they cluster on a branch that you do not wish to cut off, place
your bottom-board as near as convenient; on it lay two sticks about an
inch in diameter, of the same length: try the hive, and see that all is
right; then turn it bottom up, directly under the main part of the
cluster; if you have an assistant, let him jar the branch sufficiently
to detach the bees; most of them will fall directly into the hive. If
no assistant is at hand it is unnecessary to wait, (I have done it a
hundred times without help); with the bottom of the hive strike the
under side of the branch hard enough to dislodge them, then turn it on
the board; the sticks will prevent the bottom crushing many bees.

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