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For Mange

In the early stages of mange, flowers of sulphur mixed in vaseline, and
rubbed in the coat of the cat, is efficacious, giving sulphur in the
milk, the water, and on the food of the patient; also give vegetable

Another remedy: give a teaspoonful of castor oil; next day give raw
meat, dusted over with flowers of sulphur. Also give sulphur in milk.
If there are any sore places, bathe with lotion made from camphorated
oil in which some sulphur is mixed. Oil, 2 oz.; camphor, 1/4 oz.; sulphur,
a teaspoonful.

As a rule, when the animal is of value, either intrinsically or as a
pet, the best plan is to consult a practitioner, well versed in the
veterinary science and art, especially when the cat appears to suffer
from some obscure disease, many of which it is very difficult to detect,
unless by the trained and practised eye. Of all the ailments, both of
dogs and cats, distemper is the worst to combat, and is so virulent and
contagious that I have thought it well to offer remedies that are at
least worthy of a trial, though when the complaint has firm hold, and
the attack very severe, the case is generally almost hopeless,
especially with high-bred animals.

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