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Cat And Mouse-hunting

The game of "Hunt the Slipper" used frequently to be called "Cat and

Mouse-hunting." It is generally played with a slipper, shoe, or even a

piece of wood, which was called the mouse, the centre player being the

cat, and trying to catch or find the mouse. The "Boy's Own Book" thus

describes the game, but not as Cat and Mouse: "Several young persons

sit on the ground in a circle, a slipper is given them, and one--who

rally volunteers to accept the office in order to begin the

game--stands in the centre, and whose business it is to 'chase the

slipper by its sound.' The parties who are seated pass it round so as to

prevent, if possible, its being found in the possession of any

individual. In order that the player in the centre may know where the

slipper is, it is occasionally tapped on the ground and then suddenly

handed on to right or left. When the slipper is found in the possession

of any one in the circle, by the player who is hunting it, the party on

whom it is found takes the latter player's place."