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Puss In The Corner[l]

[L] The Boy's Own Book.

This is a very simple, but, at the same time, a very lively and amusing

game. It is played by five only; and the place chosen for the sport

should be a square court or yard with four corners, or any place where

there are four trees or posts, about equidistant from each other, and

forming the four points of a square. Each of these points or corners is

occupied by a player; the fifth, who is called Puss, stands in the

centre. The game now commences; the players exchange corners in all

directions; it is the object of the one who stands out to occupy any of

the corners which may remain vacant for an instant during the exchanges.

When he succeeds in so doing, that player who is left without a corner

becomes the puss. It is to be observed, that if A and B attempt to

exchange corners, and A gets to B's corner, but B fails to reach A's

before the player who stands out gets there, it is B and not A who

becomes Puss.