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Of English, or short-haired cats, the best white are those from a
tortoiseshell mother, and as often some of the best blacks. These whites
are generally of soft yellow, or sandy tint of white. Although they have
pink noses, as also are the cushions of their feet, they are not
Albinos, not having the peculiar pink or red eyes, nor are they
deficient in sight. I have seen and examined with much care some
hundreds of white cats, but have never yet seen one with pink eyes,
though it has been asserted that such exist, and there is no reason why
they should not. Still, I am inclined to think they do not, and the pale
blue eyes, or the red tinted blue, like those of the Siamese, take the
place of it in the feline race; neither have I ever seen a white horse
with pink eyes, but I find it mentioned in one of the daily papers that
among other presents to the Emperor of Russia, the Bokhara Embassy took
with them ten thoroughbred saddle-horses of different breeds, one of
them being a magnificent animal--a pure white stallion with blue eyes.

The cold gray-white is the opposite of the black, and this knowledge
should not be lost sight of in mating. It generally has yellow or light
orange eyes. This colour, in a male, may be crossed with the
yellow-white with advantage, when more strength of constitution is
required; but otherwise I deem the best matching is that of two
yellow-white, both with blue eyes, for soft hair, elegance, and beauty;
but even a black male and a white female produce whites, and sometimes
blacks, but the former are generally of a coarse description, and harsh
in coat by comparison. I think the blue-eyed white are a distinct breed
from the common ordinary white cat, nor do I remember any such being
bred from those with eyes of yellow colour.

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