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Profits In Cavy Raising

This industry in America is in its infancy. There are in several

sections of the country large Cavy farms but they raise nothing like

enough to supply the demand. Either as a side line with only a dozen or

two females or whether raised as a business, Guinea Pigs offer a safe,

sure and pleasant method of making money.

There is no danger that the business will be overdone as the demand is

growing much more
apidly than the supply and as the supply increases

more will be used. The hospitals in most cases use them in preference to

any other animal for experimental purposes but at this time they cannot

get them in sufficient quantities. There is and always will be a great

demand for them as pets. When the people get educated to the food value,

this end of the industry will come in for its share. The present high

cost of meat and the decreasing supply of cattle indicate that in a few

years the people of this country will have to make other preparations

for their fresh meat and the Cavy offers the solution to the meat

problem. All of these facts make it plain that there is no danger of

there getting to be too many Cavies.

Inexpensive to Keep.

The profits in raising Guinea Pigs are large. The price for them on the

open market runs all the way from 50c to several dollars each. The cost

of raising them to the age when they are to be sold differs, of course

with conditions and circumstances. The man on the farm or in the small

town who has access to plenty of food for them without paying for it of

course, can raise them cheaper than the man in the city. Even in the

city, however, very little has to be bought and that only in the winter

time as in the summer lawn clippings and vegetables from the table will

feed them and all that will have to be bought is some grain or hay. By

saving and curing the lawn clippings there will be no need of buying

hay. They are far more profitable than poultry as they not only cost

less to feed and keep but are not subject to the diseases that make

poultry raising so unprofitable. They occupy smaller space and are not

dirty, noisy or objectionable in any way. Many large Poultry Farms have

been turned into Caviaries as their owners have seen that it is easier

to make money with Guinea Pigs than with chickens.

Easy to Raise.

Anyone with ordinary intelligence should be able to raise Guinea Pigs

successfully. Women do especially well with them as they require less

attention and work than chickens. Boys and girls find the raising of

them not only a pleasure but profitable and it is a splendid occupation

for them as it requires no hard or laborious work. Youngsters from 10 to

17 or 18 years old need a responsibility of some kind and the experience

gained in the raising and selling of Guinea Pigs will be very valuable

to them in addition to the money they will make. Parents will do well to

give their children a chance to raise them. To start with Guinea Pigs

does not require a large outlay of capital. By starting with just a few

and by keeping the young females it does not take long to build up a

herd of breeders that are valuable. As each female produces about 15

young a year and as these young are worth from 50c to several dollars

each, you can readily see there is a big opportunity for profit.

Big Profits.

Suppose you begin with six females. In one year they should produce

about 90 young and the young females of the first one or two litters

should be producing before the end of the year. Therefore, it is pretty

safe to assume that from the six females and their litters you should

get every year about 120 pigs. If sold at a price of 50c each these six

females would be producing about $60 a year. These figures will show you

what 100 females should do.


Almost anyone can start raising Guinea Pigs without having to make any

very special preparations or a large investment. In any new business it

is always best to start in a small way. From a dozen to 25 females will

give you an opportunity to learn their habits and you can increase your

quarters as your herd increases. It would not be advisable for anyone to

start with 100 or more right at once unless he has especially good place

for them and a plentiful supply of food. However, by beginning in a

small way no risk is taken and you can learn the business as you go

along, and you can get extra stock as you make preparation for it.

Selection of Stock.

You cannot be too careful in the selection of your stock. Get good

healthy animals to start with as on them depends your success. Scrub

Guinea Pigs will pay no better than scrub poultry or cattle. Those found

in pet stores are frequently unfitted for breeding purposes as they may

have been experimented on or the descendants of such animals. Hospitals

are very careful of whom they buy and must be assured of the purity of

the stock. Therefore, you cannot be too careful in the selection of

your original stock. Just as no one would start a live stock farm with

the cheapest animals that can be bought, so no one should start a Cavy

farm with the cheapest Cavies that can be bought. There are many

reliable dealers in the country who have good stock for sale. Buy of a

well known breeder or dealer and you will have no trouble. Young

breeders are to be preferred as they have a longer life before them and

are more valuable.

From our own experience with Guinea Pigs we would advise anyone who is

interested in this work to take up the raising of them. Whether you have

only a few for making a little money on the side or a large number as a

real business you will find them very profitable. Certainly a great deal

of pleasure can be gotten out of it and there is a wide sale for all you

raise. If you will follow the instructions laid down in this little book

we do not believe you will have any trouble making a success of the