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An Experiment

Category: HIVES.

Several years ago, I thought I had obtained a principle that would
revolutionize the whole system of bee management. In 1840 I constructed
such hives, and put in the bees to test by actual experiment, the
utility of what seemed so very plausible in theory. It would appear
that this principle suggested the same idea to Mr. Jones; perhaps with
this difference: I think he did not wait to test the plan thoroughly,
before obtaining his patent in '42. One vender of rights asserted that
63 stocks were made from one in three years; but somehow a great many
that obtained the rights, failed in their expectations. From my
experiments, I think I could guess at some of the reasons.

Mr. A.--"Well, what are the reasons? give us your experience, if you
please, I am interested; I had the right for such a hive, and had a lot
made to order, that cost more money in the end than I shall ever pay
again for anything about bees."

Do not be too hasty, friend, I think I can instruct you to keep bees on
principles in accordance with their nature, which is very simple, so
that if you can be induced to try again, we will have the _hives_ cost
but little, at any rate.

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