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To breed these true, it is well to procure imported or pedigree stock,
for many cats are bred in England from ordinary tabbies, that so nearly
resemble Abyssinian in colour as scarcely to be distinguished from the
much-prized foreigners. The males are generally of a darker colour than
the females, and are mostly marked with dark-brown bands on the
forehead, a black band along the back which ends at the tip of the tail,
with which it is annulated. The ticking should be of the truest kind,
each hair being of three distinct colours, blue, yellow, or red, and
black at the points, the cushions of the feet black, and back of the
hind-legs. Choose a female, with either more red or yellow, the markings
being the same, and, with care in the selection, there will be some very
brilliant specimens. Eyes bright orange-yellow.

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