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Brown Tabby

For the purpose of breeding rich brown black-striped tabbies, a male of
a rich dark rufous or red tabby should be selected, the bands being
regular and not too broad, the lighter or ground colour showing well
between the lines; if the black lines are very broad, it is then a
black, striped with brown, instead of a brown with black, which is
wrong. With this match a female of a good brown ground colour, marked
with dense, not broad, black bands, having clear, sharply defined edges.
Note also that the centre line of the back is a distinct line, with the
brown ground colour on which it is placed being in no way interspersed
with black, and at least as broad as the black line; by this cross
finely-marked kittens of a brilliant colour may be expected. But if the
progeny are not so bright as required, and the ground colour not glowing
enough, then, when the young arrive at maturity, mate with a dark-yellow
red tabby either male or female.

Very beautiful brown tabbies are also to be found among the litters of
the female tortoiseshell, allied with a dark-brown tabby with narrow
black bars. It is a cross that may be tried with advantage for both
variety and richness of colour, among which it will not be found
difficult to find something worthy of notice.

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