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Category: Diseases and their Remedies

The trachea and bronchial tubes are frequently the seat of inflammation,
especially in the spring of the year,--the symptoms of which are often
confounded with those of other pulmonary diseases. This inflammation is
frequently preceded by catarrhal affections; cough is often present for
a long time before the more acute symptoms are observed. Bronchitis
occasionally makes its appearance in an epizooetic form.

Symptoms.--A peculiarly anxious expression of the countenance will be
observed; respiration laborious; a husky, wheezing, painful cough; on
placing the ear to the windpipe a sonorous rale is heard; symptomatic
fever also prevails to a greater or less extent.

Treatment.--Counter-irritation should be early resorted to; strong
mustard, mixed with equal parts of spirits of hartshorn and water, and
made into a thin paste, should be applied all along the neck, over the
windpipe, and to the sides, and should be well rubbed in; or, the
tincture of cantharides, with ten drops of castor-oil to each ounce,
applied in the same manner as the former, will be found equally
effective. Give internally ten drops of Fleming's tincture of aconite
every four hours, until five or six doses have been given; after which
give one of the following powders twice a day: nitrate of potash, one
ounce; Barbadoes aloes, one ounce; Jamaica ginger, half an ounce;
pulverized-gentian root, one ounce; mix and divide into eight powders.
If necessary a pound of salts may be given.

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