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Category: Diseases and their Remedies

This disease--known also as catarrh--is occasionally the sequence of
coryza, but more frequently it arises from an impure atmosphere;
consequently, in cow-houses where animals are crowded together in
numbers, it is most frequently found. Scanty provender, and of an
inferior quality, is among the exciting causes of hoose, producing, as
it does, a debilitated state of the system, which, upon exposure of the
animal to cold, or wet, hastens the disorder. Some breeds of cattle are
peculiarly liable to this disease, which, if not arrested in its early
stage, runs on, involving the lungs, and frequently terminating in
consumption. Of all our domestic animals, neat cattle are most subject
to pulmonary diseases. This is attributable to the neglect and exposure
which are far too often their lot. Butchers will testify that a large
portion of all cattle slaughtered have abscesses and other diseases of
the lungs.

Symptoms.--Loss of appetite; muzzle dry; coat rough, or staring;
respiration quickened; horns hot; ears, nose, and legs cold; husky
cough; pulse from sixty to seventy, small and thready; bowels frequently

Treatment.--Give one ounce of the following powders every six hours,
until the bowels are opened: Barbadoes aloes, one and half ounces;
nitrate of potassa, half an ounce; ginger, six drachms; mix and divide
into six powders. Setons in the dewlap are often of great benefit.

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