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Inflammation Of The Liver

Category: Diseases and their Remedies

Diseases of the liver are of very common occurrence,--a fact with which
all beef-butchers are familiar. Perhaps no organ in the animal economy
is so liable to disease. The obscurity of the symptoms and the good
condition of the animal prevent its discovery, as a general thing,
during its lifetime. When, however, the disease assumes an active
form,--known as the yellows, jaundice, or inflammation of the
liver,--the symptoms are more readily detected.

Symptoms.--A yellowish color of the eye will be observed; skin, urine,
etc., highly colored; soreness, on pressure, on the right side; loss of
appetite; dullness; constipation of the bowels, etc.

Treatment.--Calomel is the most reliable medicine known to
practitioners for diseases of the liver. Its abuse, however, has brought
it into disrepute. Yet, as with ordinary care it may be advantageously
used, we will prescribe it as that upon which the most dependence is to
be placed, and in doing so, will endeavor to have it used safely.
Bleeding has been recommended: but the author has never found any
benefit resulting. Give Epsom-salts, in doses of four ounces each, every
night, with one scruple of calomel, until the animal is relieved.
Mustard and water should be frequently applied to the right side, and
well rubbed in.

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