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Category: Diseases and their Remedies

This is a constitutional inflammatory affection of the joints, affecting
the fibrous tissue and serous, or synovial membrane. It is caused by
exposure to cold and wet; being quite common in low, marshy sections.

Symptoms.--Loss of appetite; upon forcing the animal to move, every
joint seems stiffened; nose dry; coat staring; constipation is also an
attendant symptom; the joints, one or more, become swollen and painful.
This may be regarded as a metastic, or shifting disease; first one part,
and then another, seems to be affected.

Treatment.--Mild purgatives should be used; one-half-ounce doses of
colchicum-root pulverized will be found useful; one-ounce balls of
pine-tar may also be given with advantage. As a local application, the
author has found nothing to equal kerosene oil, one pint, to two ounces
of aqua ammonia, well rubbed in, two or three times a day.

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